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Crafted with a complete understanding of the Modern Kitchen and using premium quality stainless steel. Made in India, Vinod Cookware’s Intelligent product range is designed and constructed with our full understanding of the kitchen and its use of cookware. Our design process draws on decades of experience in providing kitchenware that is both durable and elegant. Sculpted from the most flawless stainless steel available, the design and manufacture of our products represent the very finest expression of our commitment to excellence. Our Strength lies in our people. With more than 500 Employees including Qualified Engineers, Staff, and a robust Research and Development Unit, We can boast of one of the largest strengths in the Industry. Our Laboratory is the envy of our competitors. Pleasing our customers has become our livelihood and our vocation. Today we are pleased to bring our state of the art kitchenware to you, our loyal customer base in the United Kingdom and Europe through our certified distributors Shalip Limited.

Vinod Cookware is founded on the principle of Utiṣṭhata, Jāgrata Prāpya Varānnibodhata, the quote of the great Swami Vivekananda. Literally means Arise, Awaken and Stop not till the goal is reached. Our ultimate goal being to make the world a better place today than it was yesterday.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. The company was born from a need to provide customers with premium kitchen products that were not only are they easy to use, time & energy saving, but also healthy to cook with. Our customers’ belief in us and the quality of our products through the years have motivated us to relentlessly pursue perfection.

The partnerships forged over our Fifty Seven year journey are the very backbone of Vinod Cookware. We understand and believe that every single employee, channel sales distributor or vendor is a partner. We recognise the value every individual has to offer.

We pride ourselves on being data driven. Our numbers are extremely important to us. They give purpose our decision making, provide clarity and help us deliver meaningful impact. Insights that these numbers offer combined with knowledge of our customer needs and the rapport we share with them ensure that Vinod Cookware delivers and exceeds expectations time and again.

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